writing the short

Nobody comes out of the gate writing full-length feature films. First, you need to write a short.

At the end of this course, every student will have a complete short screenplay and guidance for what to do next—whether they want to shoot it, apply to film school, enter contests, or write another one.

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Join Young Screenwriters' first course, Writing the Short.

Learn how to write a professional script, from idea to final draft and everything in-between.

What is It Like?

Each module is filled with accessible video lessons, short readings, and clear action steps. Here's a sample.

Made for everyone.

Writing the Short is specifically designed to be accessible, but powerful.

Our course is appropriate for kids in the classroom, but also professional and challenging enough for adults to enjoy.

Whether you're 12, 32, or 112, there's something here for you!

Lesson Modules

Exclusive Videos

Feedback Opportunities

Every student graduates with:

Shootable script

Every student graduates from Writing the Short with a solid short they can film on their own immediately.


Students can show off their chops with an official certificate once they complete the course–resume ready.


letter of Rec

Top students are eligible to receive a letter of rec from Professor Warren himself.

Write your movie

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Have a professional short script in just 5 short weeks.

Frequently asked questions:

Who is Writing the Short for?

This course is for any aspiring screenwriters. Like any Young Screenwriters Program course, it is designed specifically for writers who are 12 and up.

However, John always treats his students as adults and never waters down the material.

How will I receive feedback on my projects?

To receive feedback, all you need to do is send your work to feedback@youngscreenwriters.com. You will get personalized, one-on-one feedback within the week!

All feedback comes from Feedback Team, which includes John Warren and other professional screenwriters he knows and trusts personally.

What will I create throughout the course?

You will write an idea, a logline, a pitch, a beatsheet, and finally, a 10 to 12-page professional short script in the genre of your choosing.

If you plan to film the script yourself, John will provide guidance on how to ensure the script is shootable with low-to-no budget.

What is the certificate? How do I get it?

To celebrate your completion of Writing the Short, you can submit all your work for a certificate! We are not an accredited institution, so the certificate is for your own enjoyment and for use on resumes, etc.

To earn a certificate, you will need to email all 5 of your projects to certificate@youngscreenwriters.com. (More instructions are included inside the course.)

I'm a teacher. Can I get access to the course for my students?

Absolutely! Email our course director, Alexie (alexie@youngscreenwriters.com), to discuss discounts for class access.

I have a question not listed here.

Please email our course director, Alexie, at alexie@youngscreenwriters.com. She will be happy to assist you!